The Staff

“Just a few people, always the same ones: reference points to ensure quality”

Other than chef Marco Romei, the owner of the restaurant, the staff at Aroma is made up of  Simona, sommelièr and maitre d’, and wife Waka.


Simona, as sommelièr e Maître, is the real soul presence of the restaurant: it is her job to satisfy your every request, accompanying you through the total experience that chef Marco Romei offers.

Simona advises you regarding the catch of the day, and gives expert advice on what wines go with your menu choices and above all she is there to talk to you, to sastisfy your requests whenever possible.

Always present but never invasive, when you need something all you have to do is ask Simona and she’ll take care of it. Without a doubt, she is a strong point in Aroma’s success. Simona is a sommelièr certified with A.I.S.
(Associazione Italiana Sommelièr – Italian Sommelièr Association), and has years of field experience in the dining room.


Every so often guests are greeted by Waka, Marco Romei’s wife, who is a precious muse of inspiration for the dishes and the ambience of the restaurant itself.

On one hand, Waka has contributed to the culinary philosophy of chef Marco Romei with her suggestions which come from her home country, Japan. She has given several recipes like the delicious “Tartare di tonno” which has become a classic of the chef.

On the other hand, her distiguished taste in furnishing has touched every single detail of the Aroma ambience: in the dining room there is a classy atmosphere that is welcoming with its colors and materials. Eventhough she prefers to work behind the scenes, her contribution to the warm and informal setting is seen in every corner.