The Location

”The location is integral part of the Aroma experience”

The location is a key point in making up the Aroma experience: outside its doors you will find one of the most historical areas of Florence; inside, instead, you’ll find a setting that has its roots dating back to the 1800’s.

The collocation in the center of Florence

Aroma is on the corner of via Ghibellina and Borgo Allegri: 50 meters from the museum that was the home of Michelangelo Buonarroti and only 100 meters from piazza Santa Croce: the monumental tower of the antique Florentine bell tower in Borgo Allegri.

The beauty and history blend together in this location to make it particularly prestigious and predispose your mind and pallet to live the gourmet cuisine of Marco Romei.

The location of this restaurant transforms every visit to Aroma into an occasion to taste the authentic Florence: during the day it is bubbling with tourist activity and in the evening, instead, the nightlife along Ghibellina street is animated all the way to piazza Santa Croce.

Tradition in an historical location

The first thing you note in Aroma is the monumental marble counter in the entry way. It dates back to the 1920’s when this location was a milk and cheese shop.

It continued to be a shop until after the Great War and then transformed into a shop for the sale of wine. In time, other items were sold along with wine, and then they began to serve hot meals to local workers on their lunch break. Since then, Via Ghibellina, 67, never stopped being a restaurant.

Memories of these traditions have survived and can be seen in little details: from the original floor to the milk vat in the cellar, and of course the large marble counter. Everything reminds you of the old shops and inns which made Borgo Allegri a symbol of authentic Florence life.