My Philosophy

“My philosophy is made up of a few simple ideas, but they are vital.
This is why the experience I wish to offer to each and every guest is “uncompromising “

I decided to open AROMA so I could be free to express completely the fruit of my 20 year experience as a chef and a restaurateur.

A culinary experience that is worth trying is made up of three things: a high quality kitchen, flawless customer service and an amazing setting.

The guidelines I follow when preparing dishes which make up the best culinary experience for All my guests:

  • The use of top choice ingredients in every single dish. It seems obvious as it is so simple, but I can assure you that it isn’t.
    At AROMA I use the highest quality ingredients in every recipe and this is integral part of the “no- compromise” experience.
  • Give priority to the taste sensation instead of the visual presentation of the dish: It is true that the presentation of food is important, but substance for me must come before appearance and in some cases if you take too much time with the décor of the plate, it could compromise the actual taste sensation.
  • Offer dishes that are unique and creative, often invented by myself, that accompany my “all time greats” that I have served over the years. Creativity is the key when offering new dishes and unique details: experience is proven when you are able to think out of the box and come up with gratifying flavors that are new and different. I like to start with one particular detail of a plate or a recipe, that strikes me, that inspires me, play with it until I arrive at a new enogastronomic delight.
  • First hand: I chose to open a restaurant that is intimate, for a limited number of guests, precisely so I could be free to prepare every single dish with my own hands.
  • No “Chef’s Choice”. The dish you choose depends entirely on your preferences and taste and the availability of the fish of the day because I think, at a fine dining restaurant, all the dishes have to be of the highest quality and give the fullest dining experience
  • Details make the difference. It is wrong to think that, for example, dessert, coffee or other smaller parts of the meal, should come second. A high level dining experience must be “uncompromising”, taking care of every little aspect.