My Recipes

My aspiration was to offer, without exception, the highest quality dishes. Who has tried Aroma understands that it does not make sense to ask for advice when choosing off the menu since it is a restaurant where the food is good and all the dishes are of the same quality.
Your choice depends on the catch of the day and your personal taste.

There are however, after 20 years experience, a few recipes which I consider signature dishes.

Red tuna tartare

Red tuna tartare reminds of my love for Japanese cooking which comes from my wife Waka. This dish is characterized by its aromatic tone from typical Japanese spices used when preparing the red tuna.

Maltagliati di cavolo nero ai moscardini e pinoli

The maltagliati are a fresh pasta that has black cabbage in the recipe. It was my invention which espresses my creativity and love of experimenting. The pasta is made with cabbage then flavored in the pan with pine nuts and octopus. The pasta is carefully cooked so it browns delicately in the pan.

Seafood Carbonara

Aroma Ristorante Firenze ► Le ricette che esprimono al meglio la cucina di Marco Romei, chef di Aroma Ristorante in Firenze: tartàre di tonno rosso, maltagliati di cavolo nero ai moscardini e pinoli, carbonara di mare, tartelletta di frutta con crema chantilly.

Tiny fruit tarts with Chantilly cream

Desserts are the first dishes I learned, having worked at the beginning at a bakery, and this dish even after many years still fills me with satisfaction when I make it The secret is how you prepare the airy Chantilly cream and the flakiness of the crust.