“ I began working as a cook at the age of 17 when I went to work for my uncle who was a baker. The experience in making homemade pastries continued when I went to work for Umberto Montano, the owner of the restaurant “Alle Murate”.

Thanks to him I have the privilege to collaborate with Giovanna, an experienced cook at the “Murate” who has become over the years a milestone chef in Florence. I learned the tricks of the trade from her.”

“My experience as a chef has always been in the field. Already at 17 years of age I understood that I was more inclined to stay near the stove instead of at the books”

In order to become a full chef, I worked at Trattoria i Raddi di San Frediano, where I learned to cook traditional Florentine dishes. It was an experience that taught me the value of varying traditional recipies like Tripe or Poposo stew.
“It takes time to learn dishes well, especially when it comes to coking fish: this is why I have preferred to work for long periods of time in just a few restaurants in span of my career”

My approach to cooking fish is still my fortè and it began 5 years ago as chef of the renowned Don Chisciotte, the most famous fish restaurant in Florence at the time. There I worked together with Richard Leimer, a vetran fish chef where he comes from, in Liguria.
Aroma Ristorante Firenze ► Curriculum vitae e bio of Chef Marco Romei, owner of Ristorante Aroma in Florence that offers top level fish cuisine

I have always wanted to evolve and improve my cooking and for this reason I have experimented while working in the best fish restaurants in Florence. My background was enriched when I worked in Versiglia where the best fish of the region is caught. I worked there with the Vaiani family who own Bistrot del Forte, Osteria del Mare and the restaurant Fratellini’s. There I was able to put into action my experience, my philosophy, with fish dishes and making desserts.
“I have worked in kitchens since I was 17. After 20 years of experience, I feel like it is time to put my personal stamp, my philosophy, into play.”
Therefore, I have take the old shop in via Ghibellina and activated my project “ Aroma Ristorante”. Now I have the possibility to develop my philosophy which I matured over these 20 years and use my experience I have obtained thanks to the high profile people I have worked alongside of.