The chef
Marco Romei

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Aroma Restaurant is the project of chef Marco Romei, creator of a room where the aspiration to become a reference point and meeting place for connoisseurs of seafood (and not only), very reminiscent of the gentlemen's club of Anglo-Saxon tradition.

In the historical center of Florence, on the corner of Via Ghibellina and Borgo Allegri, Marco, chef and owner of Aroma, offers visitors to experience a culinary sensation "without compromise". Designed for those who require the use of quality ingredients in each dish, as the catch of the day featuring all seafood dishes, for those who want to eat in a quiet and reserved, but kept looking that provides ease, for those who appreciate the true value of an experience out of the ordinary for those who want to feel "guest" and "friend" rather than "customer", for those who eventually want to have a point of reference with the which to play it safe, guaranteed by the experience and philosophy by chef Marco Romei.

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Aroma è segnalato nella "Guida ESPRESSO 2014"