Wagyu Beef of Kobe

This is a traditional breeding process of Japanese Kobe area. The pure-bred Wagyu cows are raised in breeding areas that use a particolar process to endure the most prestigious beef .

There are two treatments that ensure the best Wagyu beef:

Antique Japanese traditions:

  • A daily selection of hops. Hops ferment in the stomach of the cow which then turns into beer and gives a particular flavor to the meat of the animal;
  • The animals are massaged by hand so the superficial fat is absorbed
    into the lean parts producing a particular intramuscular structure:
    the meat becomes “marbleized”.

These processes make Wagyu beef of Kobe particularly prestigious , both for the rich taste and the tenderness of the meat that melts in your mouth. Since the fat is decreased here are fewer fatty veins thoughout the beef.

Since it is a prestigious beef, it is also costly, due to the complex treatment that goes into the breading process in order to make it the wonderful product it is.

Wagyu Beef “Kobe Type”: An Italian Project

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