“Processing and working with the raw ingredients is the important step between genuine ingredients and the finished gourmet dish ”

Once the best ingredients have been selected, what makes the difference between an ordinary plate and an extraordinary one is the knowledge and the workmanship of the chef.

The key points of this process Marco Romei uses in formulating his recipes are essentially just three.

Appy the fewest number of transformations to the raw ingredients

In order to keep the organic characteristics of the raw ingredients intact it is necessary to apply the fewest possible transformations and processing. This is especially important for delicate ingredients like fish, mushrooms and vegetables, which can’t stand cooking that is long or repeated.

It is not a surprise therefore that many of Marco Romei’s dishes are raw, like tuna tartare or his grand raw fish plates. 

Short Chain and Seasonal Ingredients

The use of prime choice products means often times the use of delicate and perishable goods, like fresh Tuscan truffle.
In this case Chef Marco Romei makes sure he buys on a short chain of product and respects the seasons of the products used. By respecting the seasons you are guaranteed only the use of seasonal products and fish caught that day and by purchasing directly from the source you cut out middlemen and time which can deteriorate the items. This way the ingredients arrive at Aroma with all the flavor and nutrients they originally have.

Florence Fish Restaurant - Aroma ►  chef Marco Romei secret is a part of his philosophy: using the freshest prime ingredients that are in season and processed as little as possible in order to keep their organic state intact. For this reason Aroma is considered one of the best fish restaurants in Florence.

Marco Romei homemade dishes are secret weapon of his kitchen. Since he started, when he was seventeen, he has always made his own bread, pasta and desserts.

Taking advantage of his background of the art of pastry making, the chef prepares each day delicious and unusual breads of various shapes and sizes. He also makes his own dough for his desserts which includes his famous berry and chantilly cream tart.

His egg-pasta is made all by hand and it is a strong characteristic of chef Marco Romei’s kitchen: it is amazing to watch him throw and pull the dough by hand and, for example, his tagliatelle are long and delicate as they are hung to dry for a few minutes before they are cut with a knife. No machinery is used at all.